How Many Sons did Father Abraham have?

Father Abraham had a Total of Eight Sons The first time I read Genesis 25:1,2, I was surprised to learn Abraham had six more sons, with his second wife Keturah, after Sarah died.  That meant Abraham had a total of eight sons! The Only Begotten Son Only one of these eight sons was promised, as in Covenant,... Continue Reading →


Eternal Hell Fire Mythology

The Myth of Eternal Hell Fire When I heard there was no concept of eternal hell fire in the original Hebrew Scriptures, I googled the origin of this widely accepted theology.  Prior to Greek Hellenization, around 4 B.C., and the first Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, 3rd to 2nd B.C, the Hebrew word Sheol simply... Continue Reading →

The All Consuming Fire

Our Creator is An All Consuming Fire What is the Ancient Hebrew Concept of Fire? In his introduction of, His Name is One, Jeff A. Benner states, “In order to fully comprehend the original writers understanding of the texts he created, we must first immerse ourselves in his culture and language, training our minds to read... Continue Reading →

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