Hanukkah, Truth and Tradition

What is Hanukkah?

Hanukkah celebrates the re-dedication of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem after the successful rebellion of the Maccabees against King Antiouchus Epiphanes, (175-164 B.C.)

The full story of Hanukkah is documented in the books of 1st and 2nd Maccabees.

In short, 167 B.C. was the peak of Greek persecution and oppression in Jerusalem.  Mattathias, the Temple Kohen) and his five sons, Yohanan, Shimon, Judah, Eleazer, Yonatan, began a revolt against King Antiochus IV when he erects an alter of Zeus in the Temple and orders the sacrifice of a pig.

A Hellenized Jew and a Greek official are about to do the unthinkable when Mattathias stabs and kills them both.   He yells to the people, “Follow me, all of you who are for God’s law and stand by the covenant.” (1-Maccabees 2:27)

They head for the hills and form a guerrilla army.  Mattathias’ eldest son Judah gains the nick name Maccabee meaning The Hammer” which is also an acronym for mi komocho ba’alim Hashem, “who is like you among the powers O God.”

Although they battle against the Selucid Greeks for 25 years they are able to gain control of the Temple after 3 years.  The Temple is cleansed and rededicated on the 25th of Kislev, (the 9th lunar month).

Biblical Record of Hanukkah

Y’shua, (Jesus) is noted as being at the Temple during the Feast of Dedication/Hanukkah.

“At that time the Feast of Dedication took place in Jerusalem. It was winter, and Jesus was walking in the temple courts in Solomon’s Colonnade.…” John 10:22, 23.

Historical Accounts of Hanukkah

First century historian Josephus writes about Hanukkah in his book, Jewish Antiquities XII:

“Now Judas celebrated the festival of the restoration of the sacrifices of the temple for eight days, and omitted no sort of pleasures thereon; but he feasted them upon very rich and splendid sacrifices; and he honored God, and delighted them by hymns and psalms. Nay, they were so very glad at the revival of their customs, when, after a long time of intermission, they unexpectedly had regained the freedom of their worship, that they made it a law for their posterity, that they should keep a festival, on account of the restoration of their temple worship, for eight days. And from that time to this we celebrate this festival, and call it Lights. I suppose the reason was because this liberty beyond our hopes appeared to us; and that thence was the name given to that festival. Judas also rebuilt the walls round about the city, and reared towers of great height against the incursions of enemies, and set guards therein. He also fortified the city Bethsura that it might serve as a citadel against any distresses that might come from our enemies.”
“The king, (Aniochus IV) being thereto disposed beforehand, complied with them, and came upon the Jews with a great army, and took their city by force, and slew a great multitude of those that favored Ptolemy, and sent out his soldiers to plunder them without mercy. He also spoiled the temple, and put a stop to the constant practice of offering a daily sacrifice of expiation for three years and six months.”

Megillat Antiochus, a second century Aramaic original, writes of Hanukkah:

“After this, the sons of Israel went up to the Temple and rebuilt its gates and purified the Temple from the dead bodies and from the defilement. And they sought after pure olive oil to light the lamps therewith, but could not find any, except one bowl that was sealed with the signet ring of the High Priest from the days of Samuel the prophet and they knew that it was pure. There was in it [enough oil] to light [the lamps therewith] for one day, but the God of heaven whose name dwells there put therein his blessing and they were able to light from it eight days. Therefore, the sons of Ḥashmonai made this covenant and took upon themselves a solemn vow, they and the sons of Israel, all of them, to publish amongst the sons of Israel, [to the end] that they might observe these eight days of joy and honour, as the days of the feasts written in [the book of] the Law; [even] to light in them so as to make known to those who come after them that their God wrought for them salvation from heaven. In them, it is not permitted to mourn, neither to decree a fast [on those days], and anyone who has a vow to perform, let him perform it.”

Truth and Tradition

On the right is a picture of an authentic Menorah as described in the Torah, Exodus 37:17. On the left is a Hanukiah, adding two extra branches to the candlestick because one days oil burned miraculously for eight days during the re-dedication of the 2nd Temple.  The one on the right is Truth, the one on the left, tradition.

A Seven Branch Menorah.
A Nine Branch Menorah.  (This one includes a star of David, a symbol only 200 years)

Should Non-Jewish Believers Celebrate Hanukkah?

The terms Jewish and Non-Jewish should no longer exist.  Regardless of how many religious people remain divided, due to their Spiritual blindness, the Spirit of our Creator is One.  There is Unity/Oneness in our Creator’s Spirit,  Y’shua has made the two One in His Spiritual, (le’olam #5769) Life:

Our Creator’s Eternal, (le’olam), prophecies can be traced from the line of Judah, Joel 3:20, to Abraham’s le’olam Seed, all the way back to the most ancient promised prophesy; the promised “Seed of the woman.”

From the beginning, Adam and Eve had hope in the Seed who stand with his feet on the head of the serpent/death, Genesis 3:15; Galatians 3:28Romans 3:29Romans 10:12; Colossians 3:11.

Y’shua was Jewish because He came from the tribe of Judah, but He was against religion. For those who have read His words, He spoke very boldly against the religious leaders and their legalistic additions to His (le’olam) Word, Psalm 119:160.

Judah was one of Jacob’s twelve sons.  God called Jacob Israel, because he prevailed…and this is the origin of the twelve tribes of Israel.  God chose to set Judah apart for His purpose.  Because God says He is not partial, we know His purpose is never ethnocentric.

Y’shua Was, Is, and continues to Be, YHVH’s purpose.  The meaning of Y’shua’s full Name reveals what translation missed;  Y’hoshua means, YHVH is Salvation.

Will There Be A Future Re-Dedication/Hanukkah?

The desecration of the Temple is prophesied to happen again, Matthew 24:15, 16; Mark 13:14Luke 21:20Daniel 12:11.  Understand that His people are Called His Temple.

Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?”  1 Corinthians 3:16

Hanukkah is unlike YHVH’s Seven sacred days, commanded by our Creator.  Hanukkah is a historical reminder of those who were faithful to God’s Instructions, and History repeats itself…



A Tribute to Lancey

A Tribute to Lancey

He’s gone, I heard her say,

and my hope of reconciliation died that day.

Now he knows you were sorry.

Yes, maybe now he knows, as I wiped my tears away.

I really let him down,

and now it’s too late. If only I could hit replay:

Don’t listen to people.

If a religion misses Love, turn the other way.

God’s Love is Impartial.

I was told, don’t go, because the Rodeo was Gay?

We never spoke again.

What if Love would have been the voice I chose to obey?

They had me so confused.

Please let my mistake help someone avoid this someday.

Of course I should have gone!

Upsetting religious people was Jesus’ way.

God’s Love is Eternal.

Choose Love every time, every choice you make, everyday.

I Love you dear Lancey,

your memory lives in my heart, until forever,



Prophecies Fulfilled

Prophecies Fulfilled By Y’hoshua (Jesus)

Every 1st century “New Testament” writer referred to what we call, “The Old Testament,” as “The Word of God.”  These were the Scriptures the Berean’s searched to see if what they were hearing about the Messiah was true.  These Scriptures were referred to by a Hebrew acronym T N K, pronounced TaNaK, Torah, Prophets/Nevi’im, Writings/Ketuvim.

“For The Word of God is Living  and Active. Sharper than any double-edged Sword, it pierces even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12Psalm 149:6.

Y’hoshua is “The Living Word,” He Is The Unchanging “Way of Truth and Life,” He is the “Torah.”  He proclaimed these as “the Scriptures” that testify About Me.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  John 1:1

You pore over the Scriptures because you presume that by them you possess eternal life. These are the very words that testify about Me,”  John 5:39

“And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was written in all the Scriptures about Himself.”  Luke 24:27

Jesus said to them, “These are the words I spoke to you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about Me in the Law (Torah) of Moses the Prophets, and the Psalms. Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures,” Luke 24:44, 45, Hebrews 10:17; Psalm 40:7,8.

Y’hoshua, (YHVH’s Salvation), Is The Prophesied “Seed” of The Woman.


The promised “Seed,” Genesis 3:15, 1st Prophesied as the Seed of a woman who would crush the serpents head under his foot.  This  same metaphorical language is used to show Messiah’s Victory over satan/the serpent.

Fulfilled; Galatians 4:4Romans 16:20Luke 1:26-53; 24:27

Romans 16 20 crush satan

The 2nd promise of the “Seed” is given to Abraham; “through whom All families of earth will be blessed.”

The Promised Seed/Messiah was prophesied specifically to come through Abraham’s wife SarahGenesis 12:3Genesis 17:19Genesis 22:18.  

Fulfilled: Matthew 1:1Acts 3:25Galatians 3:8Galatians 3:16.

The Promised Seed/Messiah would come through Sarah’s son IsaacGenesis 17:19Genesis 21:12.

Fulfilled:  Galatians 4:30Hebrews 11:18Romans 9:7.

The Promised Seed/ Messiah, through whom “All families would be blessed,” will come through Isaac’s son Jacob/Israel; Genesis 26:4Genesis 28:14Numbers 24:17.

Fulfilled: Matthew 1:2Luke 3:34

The Promised Seed/Messiah will come through Israel’s son Judah, (the tribe of Judah is called Jewish): Genesis 49:10;  Psalm 60:7Psalm 108:8.

Fulfilled: Luke 3:33; Hebrews 7:14.

The promised Seed/Messiah was prophesied to come through King DavidPsalm 89:3; Psalm 132:11; Jeremiah 23:5.

Fulfilled: Matthew 1:1Luke 1:32.

The Holy (Set Apart) Seed/Messiah was prophesied to sprout out of the stump of David’s father JesseIsaiah 11:1Isaiah 6:13.

Fulfilled: Luke 3:32.

Messiah was Born of a Virgin in Bethlehem:

He will be Born in Bethlehem; Micah 5:2.

Fulfilled: Matthew 2:1Matthew 2:6Luke 2:4John 7:42.

He will be Born of a virginIsaiah 7:14.

FulfilledMatthew 1:18Luke 1:27.

The prophesied “Branch,” will be called a Nazarene, (meaning Branch); Zechariah 3:8,6:12; Isaiah 4:2,11:1; Jeremiah 23:5, 33:15.

Fulfilled: Matthew 2:23.

There Will Be A Slaughter of Children.

Rachel’s children were no moreJeremiah 31:15.

Fulfilled: Matthew 2:16Matthew 2:18

Messiah Will Flee to Egypt and Be Called Out of Egypt, (Just like Israel):

He will flee to Egypt and be called out of EgyptHosea 11:1.

Fulfilled: Matthew 2:14-16

Messiah will be A Shepherd to His People:

He will Shepherd His peopleEzekiel 37:24; Isaiah 40:11Psalm 78:71.

Fulfilled: Matthew 2:6;  John 10:16.

Messiah Will Enter Jerusalem on a Donkey:

“…He is Just and endowed with Salvation, Humble, and mounted on a donkey, Even on a colt, the foal of a donkey”; Zechariah 9:9.

Fulfilled: Matthew 21:5;  Mark 11:7John 12:15.

Zeal For YHVH’s House Will Consume Him:

My house will be called a house of prayer, you are making it a den of robbersPsalm 69:9Psalm 119:139Jeremiah 7:11 .

Fulfilled: John 2:17Romans 15:3Matthew 21:13

Messiah will be an Everlasting Heir to The Throne of David:

Everlasting (Spiritual) heir to the throne of DavidIsaiah 9:7; Psalm 45:6.

Fulfilled: Luke 1:32.

His throne will last forever and Righteousness will be the scepter of His KingdomDaniel 7:14Psalm 45:6.

Fulfilled: Hebrews 1:8Matthew 28:18.

Messiah Is The First and The Last.  There is No God is Before Him:

He existed before He was bornMicah 5:2Isaiah 9:6Isaiah 44:6Isaiah 48:12; Proverbs 8:27 .

Fulfilled: Colossians 1:17John 1:1John 8:58Ephesians 1:4Revelation 1:8Revelation 2:8Revelation 22:13.

Messiah Is A Priest Forever:

YHVH has sworn and will not change His mind, You are a priest forever (Spiritual) according to the order of Melchizedek”; Psalm 110:4; Genesis 14:18.

FulfilledHebrews 5:6Hebrews 6:17; Hebrews 6:20Hebrews 7:17Hebrews 7:21John 12:34.

Messiah Will Be Declared The Son of God, “Firstborn” from the Dead

You are my son….”  Psalm 2:7; Proverbs 30:4 ; Psalm 89:26Psalm 89:27Exodus 4:22; Jeremiah 31:9.

Fulfilled: Matthew 3:17Mark 1:11Luke 1:32; Acts 13:33Hebrews 1:5Hebrews 5:5Colossians 1:15.

Firstborn from the Dead, Revelation 1:5.

Messiah Is One With Our Father, He is Our Maker:

YHVH is One:  Deuteronomy 6:4.  Fulfilled, I and the Father are OneJohn 10:30John 10:36; John 14:9;  John 17:11Colossians 1:15His people are One in Him, He is our Father and our Creator; Isaiah 63:16Isaiah 64:8; Psalm 100:3. 

Fulfilled: John 17:21; Colossians 1:2Matthew 6:9 John 8:41,…

Messiah Will Sit at the Right Hand of YHVH:

YHVH says to my Lord, sit at My Right Hand...Psalm 110:1Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 7:14Isaiah 42:6Isaiah 45:24; Jeremiah 23:6.

Fulfilled: Matthew 22:43Matthew 22:44Matthew 22:45Matthew 26:64Matthew 1:23Romans 8:34Romans 10:9Philippians 2:11John 13:13; Matthew 28:18Acts 2:34; Hebrews 1:3Hebrews 1:13.

He Will Be Anointed (Messiah) by The Spirit of YHVH:

The Spirit of YHVH will rest on Him, the Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel and Strength, Knowledge; Isaiah 11:2,  Anointed/Messiah with Joy, Psalm 45:7.

Fulfilled: Matthew 3:16Mark 12:36Mark 14:62Mark 16:19Luke 4:18Luke 20:42Luke 22:69John 1:32John 3:34Acts 10:38Hebrews 1:9.

Messiah is our Judge, Judge of the Living and the Dead:

He will be Judge of the living and the dead; Isaiah 33:22.

Fulfilled: James 4:12;  John 5:30Romans 2:16Romans 14:92 Timothy 4:1Acts 10:42.

Messiah Will Be King of Zion (Spiritual Jerusalem):

He will be King of ZionPsalm 2:6.

FulfilledMatthew 27:37; John 18:36; Luke 1:33Acts 10:36; Revelation 19:16 (His Kingdom is not of this realm, it’s Spiritual/Lasting, John 18:36)

Nomads/shepherds will bow before himPsalm 72:9.

Fulfilled: Luke 2:8

Honored by great kingsPsalm 72:10Psalm 72:11.

Fulfilled: Matthew 2:1

The nations/peoples, (Goyim) and Kings, will come to YouIsaiah 60:5; Psalm 72:10.

FulfilledRomans 11:25,  “The fullness of the nations/peoples” continue to be grafted into to the Olive Tree of Israel, Revelation 21:26.  (See )

Our Creator, YHVH, the King of the Universe, will destroy death forever, from Mt. Zion, in the re-newed (Spiritual) Jerusalem; Isaiah 25:7Isaiah 25:81 Corinthians 15:261 Corinthians 15:54Revelation 21:4,

His Kingdom is Spiritual/Eternal/Lasting.  He will renew the earth, Earth, Matthew 6:10.

He will be made Higher than the kings of the Earth; Psalm 89:27.

FulfilledRevelation 1:5.

Messiah’s Way Will Be Prepared, (by John the Baptist/Elijah):

A voice in the wilderness will clear the Way for YHVH… Isaiah 40:3; Malachi 3:1Malachi 4:5.

Fulfilled: Matthew 3:3Matthew 11:14Mark 1:3Luke 3:4
Luke 1:17John 1:23.

Messiah Will Shine The Light to the peoples of Galilee…

by way of the sea, the other side of Jordan, Galilee of the gentiles/ goy/nations; Isaiah 9:1Isaiah 9:2; Isaiah 42:1.

Fulfilled: Matthew 4:16; Matthew 15:24Matthew 12:18-21; Luke 2:32 .

The nations will come to Your LightIsaiah 60:3Isaiah 11:10 .

FulfilledRevelation 21:24; Romans 11:25Romans 15:12John 12:32Luke 2:32Acts 11:18Acts 13:47.

Messiah Will Speak in Parables:

I will open My mouth in a parable, dark (hidden) sayings of old; Psalm 78:2.

FulfilledMatthew 13:35.

Messiah Will be Called Immanuel, God with us, Isaiah 7:14

Fulfilled:  Matthew 1:23

Messiah Will Be a Prophet Like Me,

Like Moses who lead Israel’s Redemption from their oppression:

I will raise up a prophet like Me, from among you, listen to HimDeuteronomy 18:15Deuteronomy 18:18,19.  

Fulfilled: Matthew 21:11Acts 3:22; Acts 7:37.

Messiah Will Open Blind eyes and Deaf Ears.  Bringing Good News to Bind up the Brokenhearted:

The eyes will be opened…ears unstopped…to bring Good News, to bind up the brokenhearted; Isaiah 29:18Isaiah 35:5Isaiah 61:1.

Fulfilled: Matthew 9:35Matthew 11:5Mark 7:37Luke 7:22; Luke 4:18; Luke 4:29.

Messiah will be Rejected by His own, Despised, Hated and Not Believed:

He was rejected by His own people and not believedIsaiah 53:1Isaiah 53:2Isaiah 53:3Psalm 118:22.

FulfilledJohn 1:11John 5:43John 7:5John 7:48; John 12:37John 12:38Acts 3:14; Romans 10:16.

Abhorred and hated by the nations/peoples.  Because of My Name they will hate you too; Isaiah 49:7; Psalm 35:19Psalm 69:4.

Fulfilled: John 15:21John 15:25Matthew 10:22Matthew 24:91 John 3:13.

A stumbling stone, a rock of offence to both houses of Israel…to the inhabitants of Jerusalem; Isaiah 8:14;

Fulfilled1 Peter 2:8Matthew 21:42; Acts 4:11Romans 9:33.

Leaders will be against YHVH and His Anointed (Messiah), Psalm 2:2.

Fulfilled: Acts 4:26Revelation 19:19,…

Messiah was Anointed at Bethany before His death:  Matthew 26.

Messiah Entered Jerusalem on a donkey (on lamb selection day):  Zechariah 9:9.

Fulfilled: Matthew 21:5.

Messiah came in the Name of YHVH:  Psalm 118:26.

FulfilledMatthew 21:9.

Zeal for the Temple consumes Me, (Jesus cleansed the Temple before Passover):  Psalm 69:9; Psalm 119:139.

Fulfilled: John 2:17.

Messiah Will Be Betrayed by a Close Friend for 30 Shekels of Silver:

Betrayed by a close friend, for 30 shekels of silverPsalm 41:9Psalm 55:12Psalm 55:13, Zechariah 11:12.

Fulfilled: Matthew 10:4Matthew 26:14,47Matthew 26:15Matthew 26:23Matthew 27:9Luke 22:21John 13:18.

The 30 shekels will be used to buy the Potter’s Field;  Zechariah 11:13.

Fulfilled:  Matthew 27:6Matthew 27:7; Matthew 27:8.

Messiah Will Be Falsely Accused and Mocked:

He will be accused by malicious witnesses. Sneered at and mockedPsalm 22:7; Psalm 35:11Psalm 27:12; Psalm 109:25.

Fulfilled: Matthew 27:39Matthew 26:59Mark 15:29Luke 23:35Acts 6:13Mark 14:55,56.

He will be rejected by the Jews; Isaiah 53:3.

FulfilledJohn 1:11

Messiah Will Be Beaten, Scourged, Falsely Accused and Hung on a Tree:

He will be pierced, through hands and feet, bruised, flogged, beaten, beard pulled out, humiliated and spat uponZechariah 12:10Isaiah 50:6Isaiah 53:5; Psalm 22:16,17, 35:11.

FulfilledJohn 19:37Matthew 26:59-68, Matthew 27:26Matthew 27:30Mark 14:65Mark 15:19;Luke 22:631 Peter 2:24 Revelation 1:7.

Soldiers Will Cast Lots For His Clothing:

Soldiers gambled for my clothingPsalm 22:18.

Fulfilled:  Matthew 27:35Mark 15:24John 19:23,24.

He will be smitten and spat upon; Isaiah 50:6

FulfilledMark 14:65

Yet He will be silent before the accusers; Isaiah 53:7

FulfilledMatthew 27:12-14

He suffered vicariously; Isaiah 53:4, 5

FulfilledMatthew 8:16, 17

Messiah Will Yield His Life, Bare the Curse and He is Numbered with the Transgressors:

He poured out His soul to death, numbered with robbers/transgressors, He bore the sin/curse of the multitude; Isaiah 53:4; Isaiah 53:12.

Fulfilled: Matthew 27:38
Mark 15:27Mark 15:28Luke 22:37Hebrews 9:281 Peter 2:24.

He Bore our sin/blameIsaiah 53:4Isaiah 53:5Isaiah 53:11; Proverbs 20:30John 1:29.

FulfilledJohn 3:16Romans 5:6Romans 5:8 1 Corinthians 15:3Galatians 1:4Colossians 2:14

Messiah will be Buried With The Wicked, in A Rich Man’s grave, Yet He Is Blameless:

His grave assigned with the wicked, buried in a rich man’s grave,  He did no wrong nor spoke any deceit; Isaiah 53:9.

Fulfilled: 1 Peter 2:22Matthew 27:57-61; and still to come, Revelation 14:5.

Messiah Will Be Given Gall Mixed With Vinegar Wine For His Thirst:

He thirsted on the cross; Psalm 22:15

FulfilledJohn 19:28

He will be given gall mixed with vinegar when He is thirsty: Psalm 22:15Psalm 69:21.

Fulfilled: Matthew 27:34Matthew 27:48John 19:28, 29.

None of His Bones Will be Broken.  Hands and Feet Pierced:

The Passover sacrifice is not to have any bone broken: Exodus 12:46; Numbers 9:12; He keeps all His bones, not one is broken, Psalm 34:20.

Fulfilled: John 19:33; John 19:36.

“They pierce my hands and my feet.” Psalm 22:16

FulfilledJohn 20:25

 That Day There will be Darkness Over the Land At Noon:

In that day, there will be darkness at noon, (the sixth hour): Amos 8:9.

Fulfilled: Matthew 27:45; Luke 23:44.

He revealed this Psalm referred to Him by quoting the first line, “My God, why hast thou forsaken me?”  Psalm 22:1

ConfirmedMatthew 27:57-61

Messiah will Pray for His Enemies (Transgressors):

He will pray/intercede for His enemies: Psalm 109:4Isaiah 53:12; Isaiah 59:16.

FulfilledLuke 23:34;  Matthew 5:44; Romans 8:34Hebrews 7:25.

Messiah Will Suffer, Die on a Tree and Be Resurrected on the Third Day:

His body will not decay. Raised on the third day.  Firstborn from the dead.  Made Higher than the King of earth; Psalm 16:10; Psalm 49:9Psalm 49:15Isaiah 53:5Hosea 6:2 .  Matthew 17:23; Matthew 16:21Matthew 17:9Matthew 20:19Luke 24:7Luke 24:46John 20:9 .

FulfilledMatthew 28:9; 1 Corinthians 15:4Acts 2:32Acts 3:15Acts 5:30Acts 13:35John 2:22Mark 16:6; Colossians 1:181 Timothy 6:15;  Revelation 19:16.

Messiah Will Ascend on High:  

You have ascended on highPsalm 68:18Proverbs 30:4.

Fulfilled: Ephesians 4:8; Mark 16:19Luke 24:50,51John 3:13; Acts 1:9.

Messiah Will Send His Spirit:

I will pour out my Spirit on all fleshIsaiah 44:3; Joel 2:28, (3:1) .  Fulfilled: John 7:38John 20:22Acts 2:17

Messiah Will Establish The Renewed Covenant, Putting His Torah Within Our Hearts:

He will make/cut an Everlasting (Spiritual) CovenantIsaiah 55:3Jeremiah 31:31Jeremiah 31:33Jeremiah 32:40

Fulfilled: Romans 11:272 Corinthians 3:31 Thessalonians 4:9Hebrews 8:10Hebrews 10:16

(Messiah our Bridegroom, the book of Hosea).

(Messiah the Son of Man/Adam, Daniel 7)

(Messiah, the Good Shepherd, Ezekiel 34)

(Messiah is the New Covenant, Jeremiah 31)

(Messiah is the suffering servant, Isaiah 53)

(Messiah on the cross, Psalm 22)

(Messiah was the Commander of YHVH’s army, Joshua 5)

(Messiah, the bronze serpent, Numbers 21)

(Messiah the Rock, 1 Corinthians 10:4)

(Messiah, the Passover Lamb, Exodus 12.  The sacrifice of Isaac, Genesis 22)

Messiah is Wisdom and He is the Tree of Life.

And “All Peoples of the Earth” Will be Blessed in Him, Y’hoshua, (YHVH’s Salvation).