Hanukkah, Truth and Tradition

What is Hanukkah? Hanukkah celebrates the re-dedication of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem after the successful rebellion of the Maccabees against King Antiouchus Epiphanes, (175-164 B.C.) The full story of Hanukkah is documented in the books of 1st and 2nd Maccabees. In short, 167 B.C. was the peak of Greek persecution and oppression in Jerusalem.... Continue Reading →


A Tribute to Lancey

A Tribute to Lancey He's gone, I heard her say, and my hope of reconciliation died that day. Now he knows you were sorry. Yes, maybe now he knows, as I wiped my tears away. But I really let him down, and now it's too late.  If only I could hit replay: Why did I... Continue Reading →

Prophecies Fulfilled

Prophecies Fulfilled By Y'hoshua (Jesus) Every 1st century "New Testament" writer referred to what we now call, "The Old Testament," as "The Word of God."  These were "The Scriptures" the Berean's searched to see if what they were hearing about the Messiah was true.  These Scriptures were referred to by a Hebrew acronym T N... Continue Reading →

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