Correct These 7 Bible Translations

The Correct Meanings are Eye Opening Translators have a very difficult task in conveying the most accurate word meanings, especially when another language has no equivalent. Ancient Hebrew Idioms and Expressions, Poetic Rhyme and Word Puns do not carry over in translation. So my concern is not with the inevitable Textual Variances that occur in... Continue Reading →


Be Holy as I Am Holy

Have You Every Wondered What it Means To Be Holy? "for it is written: “Be Holy, because I Am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16 "For it is written," a quote from the original Hebrew, holds the meaning of the word Holy. "Qadosh," Translated Holy, Simply Means, "Be Set Apart" "Be Set Apart," (Qadosh) is not an impossible suggestion, but a well defined command. ... Continue Reading →

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