How to Spot a False Prophet

The Original Test of a False Prophet Still Stands The Hebrew word Prophet is Navi, #5030.  The English equivalent would be, a Speaker or a Spokesman.  Knowing that anyone could, and still can, claim to be a Spokesman for God, Moses was given the unchanging plume-line of Truth, in writing. God's Word Was, Is and Always Will... Continue Reading →


Lord Willing We Will…

It's Arrogant to Assume We'll Be Alive Tomorrow. James Chapter 4 Puts our Prideful Boasting Into Perspective. 1st Century Believers Said, Lord Willing, So When Did We Stop?    We can begin by acknowledging our prideful, I will...and saying Lord willing I will...or I hope to...  

Is YHVH Pronounced Y’hovah?

YHVH Means; He Is, He Was,  He Always Will Be. Close to 2,000 Hebrew Documents Have Been Discovered with these Vowel Markers, yet the correct pronunciation debate continues. Up until January 2018, nobody really had enough evidence to stand on, some people pronounced YHVH, Yahweh while others said, Jehovah.  Then came Nehemia Gordon's research of... Continue Reading →

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