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Our Eternal Inheritance on The New Earth.

Psalm 37 11 Humble

No One Will Be Living On This Earth Forever.
Psalm 37 27

This Earth, (The Land) Will Pass Away.

Matthew 24 35

The Humble Will Inherit the (Eternal) Earth.

Matthew 5 5 Humble

The Word of YHVH’s (The LORD) Covenant or Promise is Eternal.

Psalm 119 89

Psalm 119 160Isaiah 40 Word stands forever

The Eternal Word Became Flesh and Dwelt With Us.


Y’shua is Our Promised Eternal Life.

John 17 3

Y’shua Is Wisdom.



All people are blessed by Abraham’s blessing and the Inheritance of the eternal Land (Earth):  Genesis 12:3; Genesis 13:15Isaiah 60:21; Hebrews 9:15Acts 3:25; Acts 13:32Acts 13:33; Galatians 3:8 Galatians 3:14 2 Peter 3:13…

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Truth or Religion

The Creator’s Truth or Man’s Religion?

Laying aside emotional attachments and candidly holding up every belief to The Creator’s Word, (Torah), because His Word says it is Perfect, Unchanging and True, Psalm 19:7;  Psalm 119:160Psalm 93:2.  What then, does one do when they discover their firmly rooted beliefs do not match up to The Original Word?

This is what I experienced as I began testing my own beliefs to Our Creator’s Plum-line.   Still it took years before I could clearly see just how much trust I had put in man. Elevating knowledgeable people had kept me from seeking Truth for myself.

“But from there you will seek Y’hovah your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29;  Jeremiah 29:12-14Psalm 119:2;  Matthew 7:7

Isn’t it amazing how many of us believe, without testing, The Eternal Word, (Torah) has been abolished or corrupted?

Warnings of this happening still stand, yet we have believed those who say they have been given authority by God, or an angel from heaven told them, to make additions and subtractions, Jeremiah 23:16Galatians 1:8 

The Original Torah and matching Bible verses say The Creator’s Word will never change:

“You shall not add to the Word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of Y’hovah your God which I command you.” Deuteronomy 4:2Deuteronomy 12:32Proverbs 30:6

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. 18  For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.  Matthew 5:18,43…

“The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will never pass away.”  Matthew 24:35; Luke 16:17

Y’hovah (He Exists) Does Test Us,  Deuteronomy 8:2

The Creator does test us to see who is loyal and will keep His Commandments:  Deuteronomy 8:16Genesis 22:1Exodus 15:25

He Has Shown Us How To Test a Prophet

“you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams; for Y’hovah your God is testing you to find out if you love Y’hovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul.”  Deuteronomy 13:3

The Answer to any person, claiming to have been inspired by God, is lets check that to His Word, because His Word will never and has never changed.

We either put Our Trust In our Creator’s Word, Y’hoshua, or in one of Man’s countless Religious Divisions.


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Developing an Eye for the Scorpion


Moving to Arizona, from the state of Washington, I was pretty oblivious about scorpions.  I’d actually only seen the big black kind on the television and equated them with pure evil and death.  So you can imagine my fear when I discovered the first bark scorpion in my house.

“Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion?” Luke 11:12

The Bible even used the scorpion as a metaphor for something that was the opposite of Good.  My exaggerated fear did eventually subside as I learned how to avoid this new danger.  Unlike the Brown Recluse or Black widow spider, the scorpion seemed fearlessly blind and clueless to retreat when it was discovered.

The first time I noticed this was when I was sitting on the floor in the middle of my living room and I spotted a very small, dark shadow moving toward me, like it had a heat seeking radar.  It was a long way off, so this time I was able to remain calm and observe as it slowly made its way across the shag carpet.

When it got close I jumped up to grab a glass jar.  I noticed my quick movement caused it to freeze and flatten itself out from its previous, high stepping, curly tailed, posture.  Somehow it was able to make itself look like a very thin, flat piece of paper, something one could easily mistake for a dead leaf.

It was easy for me to capture it as it continued to play dead, but when I forced it inside with a piece of cardboard and put the lid on, it puffed back up and began thrashing its tail violently.

I’ve lived in Arizona for over thirty years now and finding the occasional scorpion in my home has become a normal part of life.  Last night I was prompted to write this after spotting the tell-tale, dark shadow on the carpet of a dark bedroom as I passed by.  It brought back the memory of my first dark shadow experience but this time I realized something that gave me comfort;

I have Developed an Eye for the Scorpion

Adapting to the possibility of a venomous sting makes it second nature to shake shoes before putting them on, keeping everything up off the floor, even if you’re not tidy, and no more feeling around in your cupboards where you can’t see or jumping into bed without a quick check.  If you get up at night, and don’t want to disturb anyone by turning on the light, you learn to keep flip flops by your bed, because walking barefoot in the dark is like playing Russian roulette with a scorpion.  It is more likely to freeze in the path of your next step than to run out of your way.

Scorpions lurk in dark places, especially warm, moist environments.  If I ever want to check to see if a scorpion might be hiding somewhere all I have to do is leave a warm, damp cloth on the floor overnight.  In the morning I shake the cloth and the scorpion freezes, as if I can’t see it if it doesn’t move.  This makes it easier to capture, although I occasionally miss as it scurries toward the nearest wall, at least now, I know they don’t attack like a bee protecting its hive.

Scorpions Sting Because We Don’t See Them

People come in contact with Scorpions, in countless ways, when they aren’t looking for them.  If we stick our hand into a dark place without first checking it with a light, and continue walking barefoot in the dark, sitting on, rolling over on, or putting on clothes without checking them in the light, that’s when we get stung.

I have learned venomous scorpions, spiders and snakes work hard to produce their venom and they need it to live.  They don’t waste it on things they don’t eat, unless they have to.  Their actions are as predictable as their existence in keeping the desert vermin and insect population under control.

Unlike the scorpion, we are made to walk in the light.  The Light, both figuratively and literally, illuminates the harmful things in this life.  It is possible to develop an eye for the scorpion and avoid them by cautiously shining light on those dark shadows.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet And a Light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

In the Way of Righteousness is Life, And in its pathway there is no death.” Proverbs 12:28

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My First Song

When I close my eyes, it’s then I see.  Just beyond my senses, I’m aware.  Silence calms my heart and mind with Peace.  Breathing in Your presence, and I’m there.

Chorus:  This is the place where I feel safe, keeping very near to You.  My soul is filled with joy and praise, hidden in Your Secret place.

Resting in Your Love, transforming me, more and more like You, make me to be.  Time apart with You, alone in prayer.  Strengthened by Your presence, and I’m there.

Chorus:  This is the place where I feel safe, keeping very near to You.  My soul is filled with joy and praise, hidden in Your Secret place.

No voice no word need to convey, as I wait with You I know.  You’re here in me, You’re everywhere.  Conscious of Your presence and I’m there.


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A Tribute to Lancey

He’s gone, I heard her say,

and my hope of reconciliation died that day.

Now he knows you were sorry.

Yes, maybe now he knows, as I wiped my tears away.

I really let him down,

and now it’s too late. If only I could hit replay:

Don’t listen to people.

If a religion misses Love, turn the other way.

God’s Love is Impartial.

I was told, don’t go, because the Rodeo was Gay?

We never spoke again.

What if Love would have been the voice I chose to obey?

They had me so confused.

Please let my mistake be helpful to someone I pray.

Of course I should have gone!

Jesus upset religious people and did not sway.

God’s Love is Eternal.

Choose Love every time, every choice you make, everyday.

I Love you dear Lancey,

your memory lives in my heart, until forever, Kay


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Guided by Loving Kindness


As long as people continue to seek Truth from people there will continue to be divisions.

Isaiah 54:13 ; John 6:45Micah 4:2Jeremiah 31:34; Isaiah 55:12Isaiah 50:41 John 2:27; Numbers 11:29Acts 2:39Hebrews 8:11

There is One Creator of All people.

Malachi 2:10Acts 17:26 Jeremiah 27:5

God’s Unseen Spirit is to be our only Teacher, (Pastor, Priest, Imam, Rabbi), Guide, Comforter, Father and friend…

Matthew 23:8-10; James 2:23

Everyone who seeks Him, whole-heartedly, is promised to find Him.

Deuteronomy 4:29Jeremiah 29:131 Chronicles 28:9Matthew 7:7

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1 Corinthians we are the Temple

YHVH (He Exists) is, was and always will be Love, Wisdom, Understanding, Everything Good/Kind/Humble/Giving, Merciful, Compassionate, Just, Impartial, Unchanging, All-knowing, Everlasting/Perpetual, Infinite, Faithful, All-powerful, Incomprehensible, Unequaled, Invisible, Reality/Truth, Peace, Light, The (Spiritual) Bread of Life, The (Spiritual) Living Water, The (Spiritual) Tree of Life, He is a Life Giving Spirit and an All Consuming Fire.

These are some of the Spirits attributes that not everyone has eyes to see or ears to hear.  So how can we perceive if our Creators Unseen Spirit is dwelling within us?

Our Creator has set Eternity (everlasting Spiritual Reality) within the hearts of (all) mankind, Ecclesiastes 3:11

Everything the Maker of the universe has created declares His glory,  Psalm 19:1.  His invisible attributes, Eternal Power and Divine Nature can be clearly seen, (with our physical eyes) and understood by what He has made, so we (all people) are without excuse, Romans 1:19.

Yet YHVH chooses to remain a mystery and purposely allows the ego to blind the proud.  This Spiritual Mystery is reserved for the humble.  Only those who wholeheartedly seek Him will find Him, Deuteronomy 4:29  ; Jeremiah 29:13.

Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and malice, it is humbly we receive the implanted Word which is our Salvation. James 1:21

The Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding and Truth is also called the Word of YHVH, Ephesians 6:17.


Moses wrote, “the Word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may observe it.”  Deuteronomy 30:14.  1500 years later  we see this Word is fulfilled in Y’shua, Romans 10:8,  The Word of YHVH,  John 1:1.  Also known as The Way, The Truth and The Life, which is the Hebrew meaning of Torah.

The religious leaders of Y’shua’s day had the Torah memorized yet their egos blinded them to what it meant to, “love your neighbor as yourself,” Leviticus 19:18.

The religious leaders didn’t understand  “neighbor” included everyone.  (See Y’shua’s answer to, Who is my neighbor? Luke 10:29)

Y’shua spent three years exposing the false doctrines these religious leaders added to YHVH’s Torah.  Both then and now religious leaders have added and taken away from the eternal Torah of YHVH, in spite of these clear instructions, Deuteronomy 4:2;  Deuteronomy 12:32.

So the real question isn’t who does the Spirit live within, it’s who does the Spirit reign within?

We can discern who truly knows and yields to the Spirit within them because everyone’s words and actions eventually reveal their heart, John 16:3Matthew 12:34.

Y’shua taught us to observe ourselves and others.  The one who says, “I have come to know Him,” and does not keep His Ways/Torah, is a liar, and the Truth is not in him; 5 but whoever keeps His Word, in him the Love of YHVH has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him: 6 the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked. 1 John 2:51 John 2:6

Y’shua walked in Torah/The Way.  He did not come to abolish even the smallest letter but to fulfill and accomplish everything it says about Him, Matthew 5:17;  Psalm 40:7Hebrews 10:7Luke 24:27.

YHVH is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth/lasting reality.  John 4:24.

When we know The Spirit of our Creator lives within everyone we also understand why we must Love one another.  Y’shua taught us that everything we do to others, “you did it to Me. Matthew 25:40




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