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Our Eternal Inheritance on The New Earth.

Psalm 37 11 Humble

No One Will Be Living On This Earth Forever.
Psalm 37 27

This Earth, (The Land) Will Pass Away.

Matthew 24 35

The Humble Will Inherit the (Eternal) Earth.

Matthew 5 5 Humble

The Word of YHVH’s (The LORD) Covenant or Promise is Eternal.

Psalm 119 89

Psalm 119 160Isaiah 40 Word stands forever

The Eternal Word Became Flesh and Dwelt With Us.


Y’shua is Our Promised Eternal Life.

John 17 3

Y’shua Is Wisdom.



All people are blessed by Abraham’s blessing and the Inheritance of the eternal Land (Earth):  Genesis 12:3; Genesis 13:15Isaiah 60:21; Hebrews 9:15Acts 3:25; Acts 13:32Acts 13:33; Galatians 3:8 Galatians 3:14 2 Peter 3:13…

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