The Misconception of God’s Punishment

The Misconception of God's Punishment Punishment is translated from the original Hebrew word Paqad #6485, its root meaning is, "to attend to."  Paqad is most often translated as; numbered, counted, take note, the sum, call to account, charge, visit, appoint, concerned, take care, punish and the list goes on... With these broad definitions in mind,... Continue Reading →


Love, Passion and Sex. Wrath, Fury and Jealousy

Love, Passion and Sex.  Wrath, Fury and Jealousy Each of these words has a physical and spiritual meaning.   We can attempt to understand the Spirit of our Creator with our finite logic or we can humbly acknowledge our own physical darkness and His Spiritual Light. As a human, who once allowed my feelings or... Continue Reading →

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