The Living and Active Torah Portions

Who Established The Weekly Torah Portions? For Moses has been Proclaimed in every city from ancient times and is Read in the Synagogues on every Sabbath, Acts 15:21 (63-70 A.D.) Moses is a synonym for the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). These 1st Century A.D., Torah Portions were known and loved by every New Testament author. They are attributed to the 4th Century B.C., post Babylonian Exiles,... Continue Reading →

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Ancient Hebrew Pictographs and their Meanings

Ancient Hebrew Pictographs and Their Meanings Additional Meanings: 1. א Aleph/Alef is an Ox head, representing Strength, Power, Controller, Leader, Teacher, Master, Elohim… 2. ב Bet/Vet is a Tent Floor Plan, House, Dwelling, Temple; Body, In, Inside, Within, Heart, Family, Kingdom… 3. ג Gimel/Gimmel is a Camel; to Lift up, Pride, Sprout, Gather, Foot, Travel... Continue Reading →

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Prophecies Fulfilled

Prophecies Fulfilled By the Promised Messiah Before we begin, lets make sure we all start off on the same page. Do you know that every 1st century writer, of every New Testament letter, only knew the Torah, Prophets and Writings (the words that match up to the Torah) as the Scriptures? In Hebrew the Scriptures... Continue Reading →

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Pain or Pleasure?

Which Way Will Produce Lasting Benefits? In a word full of Pain avoiders and Pleasure seekers, why would anyone willingly choose the way of Pain? I think it's safe to say that no one likes Pain, but the Wisdom of our Spiritual Creator gives us eyes to see the Lasting Benefits of Afflicting ones Soul:... Continue Reading →

Son (Ben), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Meaning of בֵּן Ben? בֵּן Ben is the 2-letter Primitive Hebrew Root, translated into English as Son, Child, Offspring, Descendant, Arrow, to be Born of Family, or Nation... בָּ Bet = House, Tent, Dwelling, Body, In, Inside, Within, Family, Heart, Temple, Kingdom… נָ Nun = Fish, Sperm, Seed, Son, Offspring, Heir,... Continue Reading →

Psalm 145 – Great Is *YHVH!

Psalm 145 - Great Is *YHVH; He Is, He Was, He Shall Be!A Praise Song (תְּהִלָּה Tehillah - halal) of David (דָּוִד Daveed). (An Acrostic Psalm)א Aleph: I will exalt (רוּם rum) You, my God (אֱלוֹהַּ Eloah - El) and King (מֶלֶךְ Melek), and Bless (בָרַךְ Barak) Your Name (שֵׁם Shem) Forever (עַד Ad -... Continue Reading →

Complain (Anan), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

The Original Hebrew Aleph-bet Illustrates the Meaning of אָנַן Anan אָנַן Anan is the Primitive, 3-letter Hebrew, Verb Root translated into English as to Complain, to Express Grief, Pain, or Discontent, to make an Accusation, Find Fault, Grumble, Murmur, Nag, Whine… I think we get the picture. How do the Ancient Hebrew Pictographs illustrate אָנַן... Continue Reading →

Keep Watch Over (Shamar), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

שָׁמַר Shamar is the 3-letter Hebrew Verb Root שָׁ Sheen - מַ Mem - ר Resh, most often translated into English as, to Keep, Watch, Preserve, Guard... Its Ancient Hebrew Picture letters illustrate what it looks like to Keep Watch Over; שָׁמַר Shamar: שָׁ Sheen: Teeth, Sharp, Eat, Consume, Devour, Press, Crush, Destroy, Fire, Remove… מַ... Continue Reading →

Wise (CHakam), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Word Picture of Wisdom; חָכְמָה CHokmah? “But where shall Wisdom (חָכְמָה CHokmah) be found? And where is the place of Understanding? Job 28:12 Wisdom, in English, is an abstract word with no physical representation, whereas the original Hebrew Pictographs illustrate the meaning of חָכְמָה CHokmah. We begin our word study... Continue Reading →

Die to Your Self and Live for Me

Is Self-absorption the common denominator of everything we call a Mental Disorder? We can diagnose the Ego of the Narcissist, but it disguises itself in the Empath. They may seem like polar opposites but they are more like two book ends melding into a myriad of unique, and multifaceted, Disfunctions. No matter what we call... Continue Reading →

Did Grace Abolish Torah?

I've compiled10 categories of misunderstood Bible Verses in order to help others test them to the Everlasting Reality of our Creator's Unchanging Word of Truth. Did Jesus (*YHVH Is Salvation) Add Grace and Subtract the Torah? One of the fundamental teachings of Torah, the Instructions in the Way, Truth and Life, is the prohibition of Adding... Continue Reading →

Forehead (MetzaCH), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Meaning of Forehead? Hebrew is a figurative language. Originally having a pictographic aleph-bet and every letter was a picture symbolizing its meaning. Words, like Forehead, מֵצַח MatzaCH, describe what it does:     Mem = Water, Liquid, Blood, Massive, Chaos, Raging, Mighty, Living Water, Messiah…  Tzadi = Hook, Side, to Hunt, Chase, Catch, Harvest, Journey, Pull Toward, Desire…  CHet = Fence,... Continue Reading →

Name (Shem), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Word Picture of שֵׁם Shem? שֵׁם Shem is the Hebrew Noun translated into English as Name; the identifier of a person, place or thing. Sheen שֵׁ  = Teeth, meaning Sharp, Press, Crush, Eat, Devour, Consume, Fire, Destroy, Remove… Mem ם מ = Water, meaning Blood, Liquid, Massive, Chaos, Raging, Mighty, Living... Continue Reading →

What is the 8th Day?

The 8th Day is The Day of Renewal “For just as the New/Renewed (חָדָשׁ CHadesh) Heavens and the New/Renewed (חָדָשׁ CHadesh) Earth, which I will make, will endure before Me,” declares יְהוָֹה *YHVH,“ so your descendants and your name will endure. Isaiah 66:22 We have a promise to look forward to, the Day when our Creator will Renew the Heavens and the Earth: But in keeping with God’s promise, we are looking forward to a... Continue Reading →

Where is the Outer Darkness?

Where is the Outer Darkness? (It is) where there will be Weeping and Gnashing Teeth. The Messiah uses the phrase Outer Darkness to describe those who will be Cast Outside of His Kingdom. In contrast, those Inside will be Celebrating in the Light of Life. Outside, in the Darkness of Death, there will be Weeping and... Continue Reading →

Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonements - Yom haKippurim You could call our Creator's 6th Appointed Time a Jewish Holiday, but you'd be wrong. *YHVH (He Exists) says, these are My Holy Appointed Times (מ֣וֹעֲדִ֔ים Moedim), Leviticus 23:2 An Appointed Time, or מוֹעֵד Mo'ed, is an Appointment, set by our Creator at Creation: And God (אֱלהִים Elohim) said, “Let... Continue Reading →

Honor and Glory (Kavod), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

כָּבוֹד Kavod is the Hebrew noun derived from the 3-letter verb root כָּבַד Kavad. In English it is defined as Honor, Glory, Abounding, Respect, Importance, High in Renown, Fame, Prestige, Great Beauty, Splendor, Majesty... Who is He, this King of Glory (כָּבוֹד Kavod)? יְהוָֹה *YHVH of Hosts— He is the King of Glory. Selah Psalm 24:10 כָּבַד Kavad also represents a value judged by Weight, like... Continue Reading →

How to Know and be Known

How to Know, and be Known, by the Life-giving Spirit For those of us who are ready to search, with all our heart and soul, for the Life-giving Spirit of our Creator, it means we are ready to wean. We may start out being bottle-fed our beliefs, and eventually we form our opinions about God.... Continue Reading →

Judge (Shaphat – Din), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

שָׁפַט Shaphat is the Primitive 3-letter Hebrew Verb Root translated into English as, to Judge, Govern, Defend, Protect, Vindicate, Decide Between... The first time שָׁפַט Shaphat appears in the Bible is when Sarai realizes that it was wrong to give her maidservant to her husband Abraham: May יְהוָֹה *YHVH Judge (שָׁפַט Shaphat) Between you and me. Genesis... Continue Reading →

Shame (Boosh), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Meaning of בּוּשׁ Bosh? "יְהוָֹה *YHVH, the hope of Israel, all who abandon You will be put to Shame (בּוּשׁ Boosh). All who turn away will be written in the dust, for they have abandoned יְהוָֹה *YHVH, the Fountain of Living Water. Jeremiah 17:13 no copyright infringement is intended The English concept of בּוּשׁ Boosh is translated as Shame, Ashamed, Confused, Baffled, Perplexed, Disillusioned,... Continue Reading →

Fear of YHVH

Why Am I Not Afraid? I speak with him face to face, clearly and not in riddles; he sees the form of יְהוָֹה YHVH (*Yah),  Why then were you Not Afraid to speak against My servant Moses?” Numbers 12:8   The Bible teaches us to Fear our Life-giving Creator יְהוָֹה *Yah and nothing else. This year, however, as I was reading the Torah Portion where Miriam talked to Aaron... Continue Reading →

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