Ancient Hebrew Meanings

Ancient Hebrew Pictograph Chart Additional Definitions from the Bible: Aleph = Ox head, Strong, Power, Master, Teacher, Leader, Elohim…Bet/Vet = Tent, House, Dwelling, In, Inside, Within, Family, Heart, Kingdom…Gimel = Camel, Pride, to Lift up, Gather, Foot, Walk…Dalet = Door, Entrance, Pathway, Gate, Hang, an Opening to the Heart, Move, …Heh = Window, Look, Behold,... Continue Reading →

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Prophecies Fulfilled

Prophecies Fulfilled By the Messiah Do you know the authors of every 1st century letter that was compiled into the book we call, The New Testament, referred to the Torah, Prophets and Writings, as the Scriptures? What we now call, The Old Testament, Is, Was, and Shall Always Be, the Perfect, Complete, and Living Word of... Continue Reading →

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Shame (Bosh), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Meaning of בּוּשׁ Bosh? "יְהוָֹה *Yah, the hope of Israel, all who abandon You will be put to Shame (בּוּשׁ Bosh). All who turn away will be written in the dust, for they have abandoned יְהוָֹה Yah, the Fountain of Living Water. Jeremiah 17:13 no copyright infringement is intended The English concept of בּוּשׁ Bosh is translated as Shame, Ashamed, Confused, Baffled, Perplexed, Disillusioned,... Continue Reading →

Fear of YHVH

Why Am I Not Afraid? I speak with him face to face, clearly and not in riddles; he sees the form of יְהוָֹה YHVH (*Yah),  Why then were you Not Afraid to speak against My servant Moses?” Numbers 12:8   The Bible teaches us to Fear our Life-giving Creator יְהוָֹה *Yah and nothing else. This year, however, as I was reading the Torah Portion where Miriam talked to Aaron... Continue Reading →

What is the Spiritual Promise?

All Nations Will be Blessed Through You This is the Good News that was promised to Abraham: The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Nations by faith, and foretold the Good News to Abraham: “All Nations Will Be Blessed Through You.” Galatians 3:8 When Abraham was 99 years old and childless he was told his Offspring, or Seeds (זֶרַע Zera), would be as numerous as the stars, Romans 4:18;... Continue Reading →

Just Judgement or Mercy

There is Just Judgement or Mercy. Anything More is a Lie. There is Only Just Judgement or Mercy Does the Unjust Judgement of Eternal Burning, for Temporal Sin, match up to the Scriptures? When something smells like a lie it needs to be sniffed out and thrown away as one of our dearly loved doctrines.... Continue Reading →

The Spiritual Torah Portions

For Moses has been proclaimed in every city from ancient times and is read in the synagogues on every Sabbath, Acts 15:21 The Weekly Torah Portion Schedule The Torah is completed every Fall after our Creator's 7th Festival of Sukkot, or Booths, and the new cycle begins again at the Beginning. There are also audio Torah Portions at the link below: #1 Bereshit בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית Genesis 1:1-6:8 "In the... Continue Reading →

Disease (Machaleh), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Meaning of Disease?  “If you will listen carefully to the voice of יְהוָֹה YHVH your God, and do what is right in His eyes, and pay attention to His commands, and keep all His statutes, then I will not put on you any of the Diseases (מַחֲלֶה Machaleh) I put on the Egyptians. For I AM יְהוָֹה YHVH  who heals you.” Exodus 15:26 The concept of Disease comes from the 3-letter... Continue Reading →

Eden (Aydin), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Meaning of Eden? Then YHVH יְהוָֹה God took the man and placed him in the Garden (גַּן Gan) of Eden (עֵדֶן Aydin) to work and keep it, Genesis 2:15 Eden עֵדֶן is the name of the Garden, or the enclosed place, planted by YHVH, the Eternal.  He formed Adam from the dust of the אֲדָמָה adamah, or... Continue Reading →

Jesus, or Joshua (Yehoshua), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Meaning of Jesus? So Moses said to Joshua (יְהוֹשׁוּעַ Yehoshua), “Choose some of our men and go out to fight the Amalekites. Tomorrow I will stand on the hilltop with the staff of God in my hand.” Exodus 17:9 The English name Joshua is a transliteration of the Hebrew name, יְהוֹשׁוּעַ Yeho-shua. It is a contraction of two Hebrew words, the prefix יְהוֹ Yeho, or Yehu, is... Continue Reading →

Unfailing Love

Unfailing Love is More Than a Feeling Marriage is a Covenant, until death do us part.  Admittedly, this lifelong commitment to love, honor and cherish our spouse is often carried on the wings of our fleeting feelings of infatuation.  In other words, feelings may be the impetus of love but faithfulness makes Love Unfailing. Now... Continue Reading →

To Redeem, or Avenge, (Gaal), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Meaning of Redeem? The Avenger (גָּאַל Gaal) of blood is to put the murderer to death; when he finds him, he is to kill him, Numbers 35:19 In English the words Avenge and Revenge come from the same root as Vengeance. So I confused the Avenger with getting Revenge which is so clearly prohibited in the Torah:... Continue Reading →

Proud Actions (Zud), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Hebrew Word Picture Describing Proud Actions? Now I know that יְהוָֹה YHVH is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt Proudly (זוּד Zud) He was Above them, Exodus 18:11 Zud זוּד is the three letter Hebrew verb root meaning to Boil up, Seethe, to Act Proud, Presumptuous, Rebellious, Arrogant, Insolent... It also... Continue Reading →

To Prescribe (Choq), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Word Picture of Prescribed? חֹק Choq is the two-letter Hebrew root translated into English as Something Prescribed, an Allotment, a Portion, Owed, a written Statute, Commandment, Testimony, Custom, Tradition, Decree… For a greater understanding of these concepts the Ancient Hebrew gives us a figurative word picture of חֹק Choq: Chet... Continue Reading →

Part 3 – Did Grace Abolish Torah?

Understanding the Difference between Physical Bondage and Spiritual Freedom 1. Romans 7:6 and Hebrews 8:13 speak of the "Old," or "Aging," and the "New," or "Renewed," Law.  Which "Law" (Nomos #3551) bound us?  And from what do we need to be released? The physical curse is written in the Torah. It can be recognized in... Continue Reading →

To Bless (Barak), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Ancient Hebrew Word Picture for Blessing? Behold, how Good and Pleasant it is when brothers dwell alike in Unity!... For there YHVH יְהוָֹה has bestowed the Blessing (בְּרָכָה Berakah) of Life Forevermore, Psalm 133 Berakah בְּרָכָה is the Hebrew word translated into English as Blessing.  It can be defined as a Prayer for God's Favor and Protection, a Benediction,... Continue Reading →

The Last Day

It's Called the Great Day of the Festival Sukkot are Temporary Dwellings However, the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles was near, John 7:2 Sukkot is usually translated as the Feast of Tabernacles, or the Festival of Booths. Although it is referred to as a Jewish holiday, it is in fact our Spiritual Creator's 7th Mo'ed, or Appointed Time. On the Last Day, that... Continue Reading →

To Lie (Kazab), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Ancient Hebrew Word Picture for a Lie? God is not a man, that He should Lie (כָּזַב Kazab) or a son of man, that He should change His mind. Does He speak and not act? Does He promise and not fulfill? Numbers 23:19 Kazab כָּזַב is the three letter Hebrew verb root that translates into English as, to Lie and to Fail: Kaph כ... Continue Reading →

How I Discovered Truth

The Torah is Truth It was about ten years ago, I can still remember myself saying, "doesn't he know we aren't under the bondage of the Law anymore? I used to feel sorry for people who didn't understand the Good News of God's Grace, until I found out I was one of them. At the... Continue Reading →

The Sign on Your Hand and Forehead

What is the Sign on Your Hand and Forehead? Reading the book of Revelation, without knowing the figurative language of Hebrew, is like trying to understand the beginning of the Bible by starting at the end: I declare (נָגַד nagad) the End from the Beginning, and ancient times from what is still to come, saying:... Continue Reading →

Peace (Shalom), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

What is the Original Hebrew Word Picture of Shalom? Hebrew is read from right to left Shalom שָׁלוֹם is the Hebrew noun derived from the 3-letter verb root Shalam שָׁלַם. It is defined as Completeness, Soundness, Wholeness, Welfare, Peace, Function, Fullness, Health, Safety, Security, Tranquility, to Restore, to Repay, to Reward, to Make Amends, to... Continue Reading →

Priest (Kohen), the Ancient Hebrew Meaning

The Ancient Hebrew Word Picture for Priest Kohen כֹּהֵן is the original, three letter, Hebrew root word that translates into English as Priest, Chief Ruler, Minister, Servant, Officiator, Principal Officer, Prince... What Ancient Hebrew Word Picture do these three letters show us about the function of a Kohen כֹּהֵן? Kaf כֹּ   = Palm, to... Continue Reading →

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